Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy weekend!

Happy weekend!

So this week was pretty interesting. Not a lot of cooking has happened. Mostly because on Tuesday I came down with the latest bug that's going around. I was out sick a bit from work this week and we ended up eating a lot of convenience foods because I wasn't up to cooking.

I did end up making the roasted kohlrabi recipe I talked about last week and... amazing.  Definitely a fan. I also tried the frozen corn which was sweet and tasted like it came just off the cob. Perfect with a little Promise and salt.

We also had another... interesting... thing happen on Thursday:
Yup, that's the puggle. On her third bath that night, after tangling with a skunk, and losing.  close to our house, so the smell seeped in even with out her. I learned a couple of things:
  1. Up close, skunk spray smells harsh and chemically - almost like burning rubber. And skunk spray can get through anything, even the most stuffed up noses.
  2. A mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn makes a great dog de-skunkifying shampoo
  3. The best way to deodorize a stinking house is to boil a combination of vinegar and water on the stove.
Anyway, back to food.

My CSA haul this week included frozen broccoli and frozen tomato puree (not pictured), as well as parsnips, sweet potatoes and apples: 

 Pea greens:

 And microgreens:

Parsnips and microgreens are new-to-me, and I've only eaten sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. So, what to do?

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