Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last winter CSA bag

Happy weekend! Hope everyone's doing well and looking forward to a forecast of 50 degrees or so on Easter! (Let's hope that lasts!)

We've been pretty busy, but mostly with work/school/other commitments. I did get the last CSA bag for two weeks this Thursday. There were a ton of great things in there:

  • Lots of onions: 

  • Rome apples: 

  • My favorite addition: hydroponic basil and arugula! 

We also got a root veggie grab bag (beets, carrots, and a couple of potatoes), frozen butternut squash and frozen kale, and an awesome muenster cheese from Palatine farms. Yum!

So what did I do with all this stuff?

Last week, I tried out that Milk Can Supper recipe.  I had to run to Macy's to get a Dutch Oven (I needed one anyway, so this was a good excuse) so I picked up the orange Martha Steward 8 quart cast iron one. That thing is awesome. Overall, we liked the milk can supper, even though I didn't end up using the cabbage (it had black spots when I cut it open and I wasn't sure if that was edible or not). I used everything else, and it tasted fine, but was a little bland for our tastes. I probably wouldn't make it again. It did provide leftovers for several days, though! I also discovered that I LOVE pea shoots sauteed in EVOO and garlic, but you need a ton of them in order to get a substantial side dish!

Friday night, I wasn't feeling 100% (my entire office appears to be coming down with a sore throat) and didn't want to go all-out, but I was still anxious to use the basil. It smelled a-maz-ing. We ran out for some fresh mozzarella and picked up some hydroponic tomatoes from the grocery store. I made a caprese salad, we heated up some buffalo chicken sausage and broke out both the muenster cheese and the basil garlic cheese from last week. Gotta admit, while the basil was awesome I miss fresh summertime tomatoes.

Yesterday, I was not hungry. At. all. I finally started dinner at 7:00 and decided to throw together a quick margherita pizza using the second fresh mozzarella ball we bought, another hydroponic tomato, and the rest of that basil. It was pretty good! Tonight, I'm going to try a butternut squash risotto with a green salad - I may cook up the same brown sugar beets I made last time since they were so good, maybe not tonight but at least during the week.

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