Friday, March 8, 2013

For a new-to-GF friend

Putting this together for a friend - have I missed anything? 

Brands we use

·         Kraft will not hide gluten on the label – so if it does not say wheat, rye, barley or oats it should be GF. This includes all the brands they own – Full list here:
·         General Mills will not hide gluten on the label either, and a lot of their products are labeled GF. This includes all the brands they own – full list here:
o   Many Chex cereals including Cinnamon, Corn, Rice, Chocolate and Honey Nut are labeled GF
o   Many Progresso soups are GF
·         All Boar’s Head products are gluten free. This includes meats, cheeses and condiments.
·         99% of Dietz and Watson products are gluten free: Also, you can ask the PC deli counter people to wash down their station before cutting your cold cuts, or call up and ask them to cut them first on the equipment to avoid cross-contamination.
·         Bionaturae pasta or PastaMia pasta is our favorite ($$$ but worth it!)
·         Bread goods – try Rudi’s or Udi’s. Usually sold in GF sections/in freezer aisles. Our Price Chopper carries both. Rudi’s makes really good cinnamon raisin bread. Udi’s also makes hot dog buns and hamburger buns.
·         Convenience foods – Starfish GF battered cod, haddock, shrimp, etc. is really good and is sold at Price Chopper. Bell & Evans, Tyson and Perdue make GF chicken nuggets and chicken tenders (Bell & Evans at Uncle Sam’s in Latham or Nisky co-op; Tyson at Glenville Wal-mart; still looking for Perdue)
·         Heinz list of GF products (inc. Ore-Ida, Classico, SmartOnes, etc.):
·         Price Chopper’s list of GF products:
·         Hannaford’s list of GF products:
·         ShopRite’s list of GF products:
·         Trader Joe’s list of GF products: (they also hav
·         Wal-mart Great Value brand products will label all GF items as Gluten Free or Naturally Gluten e an icon on the package itself) Free
·         Condiments:
o   Hellman’s mayonnaise is labeled GF
o   Heinz ketchup is GF (and I believe they have started labeling)
o   French’s mustard
o   Frank’s Red Hot
o   Dinosaur BBQ sauce is labeled GF, as is Sweet Baby Rays.
o   Soy sauce: La Choy, Wheat Free Tamari
o   Wish-Bone salad dressings are labeled GF
o   Ken’s GF salad dressings:
·         Booze:
o   Wine is GF J
o   Beer: Estrella Damm Daura and Omission are brewed with Barley and then made GF. There are also a lot of sorghum-based beers out there – Bard’s, Green’s, New Grist, Redbridge, Dogfish Head Tweason Ale, etc.
o   Cider: Woodchuck, McKenzies, Angry Orchard (often on tap!), etc. naturally GF

Restaurants with GF menus

·         Outback, Carrabbas, PF Changs, Pizeria Uno, 99 Restaurants – most chains will have something if you look for it, but some are more accommodating than others
·         Cheesecake Factory does not have GF menu, but ask for a manager and they’ll tell you what you can have
·         Delmonico’s has a GF menu with pasta
·         Chipotle – everything is safe but the flour shells, and employees will change gloves on request; Moes also has GF options. These are the best fast food options for GF around here!
·         Wendy’s has a GF menu – mostly salads, chili and baked potato
·         Urban spoon has a great list: Not all of these have GF menus, but you can ask your sever and they will usually accommodate you.
·         Hattie’s in Saratoga/Wilton is working on a GF fried chicken this year – not yet, but we’re so there when it comes out!
·         Circus Café in Saratoga has a decent menu.
·         Wheatfields has a GF menu (though we aren’t that thrilled with them)
·         We have not come across a fro-yo place around here that doesn’t have GF options. Toppings bar is at your own risk (cross-contamination possibility)

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