Friday, August 22, 2008

Albany Gluten Free Resources, Part 2

It's about that time again to update the list of gluten free resources in the Albany area. In my original post, I focused primarily on Albany gluten free resources, but this list includes several capital district gluten free resources as well as restaurants that serve gluten free food in other areas of New York State.

If I've left off any restaurants, stores or other helpful information please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear about more gluten free resources in the Capital District (and beyond!) not only for us to try but also to add to this ever-expanding list of gluten free resources.

Of course, before going to any restaurant, much less one listed here, it's always good practice to call ahead and verify that they can, in fact, accomodate your special dietary needs.

Happy gluten free dining. shopping and eating!

Restaurants with dedicated GF menus

Restaurants without dedicated GF menus but that are generally safe

  • Just about any sushi restaurant, as long as you bring your own soy sauce

  • Just about any steak house – steak, baked potato and veggies are gluten free, the only real issue can be au jus from prime rib

  • Cheesecake Factory (They don’t list anything online but have GF cheesecake so I’d imagine there has to be stuff that’s OK to eat there)

  • Hattie’s, Saratoga (We haven’t been, but I’ve read a lot of good review RE: GF dining experiences there)

  • Maestro’s, Saratoga

  • Red Lobster (steamed crab and lobster only, with baked/mashed potatoes and salad)

  • Also most high-end restaurants have chefs that can accommodate a gluten free diet. It's always good to call first though!

Grocery and health food stores that carry GF items:

As an additional note, Oliver’s Beverage Center on Colvin Ave in Albany is on my list of places to check out this weekend. Apparently they stock four different types of GF beer.

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kaos127 said...

Don't forget Xs and Os bakery in Troy. She always has a shelf of fabulous g-f items, and--even better--everything is vegan! I need both, so to me that is valuable info!