Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Review: Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa Blend

I know that everyone in the gluten-free universe has heard of and probably tried the ancient supergrain called quinoa, but this grain really started going mainstream right about the time that I started this blog. I picked up a box of Quinoa Harvest quinoa a while back, and well, it's a humorous story involving way too much garlic salt rendering the quinoa inedible. So, I still have the box and I'm determined to give it another go, but the summer's been so busy that I just haven't had a chance to experiment much in the kitchen.

Enter the Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa Blend. Our local Hannaford sells the French Herb flavor. While this flavor is not listed on their website (I hope it's not being discontinued!) it's still available for sale in bulk on Their quinoa blend is another somewhat-instant (about 20-30 minutes) convenient side dish, and I picked it up to try with dinner one night.

I followed the instructions as completely as possible given my tired, just-completed-eight-hours-at-the-office daze, but they were simple enough that everything came out very nicely. My hubby isn't as big a fan of the quinoa blend as I am - he's not used to the consistency - but I found it a very tasty, unique and savory dish. You have to take note of what you pair it with - it's very strong and could easily overpower a meal. I served the quinoa blend with lightly seasoned and baked tilapia, a fresh salad, and a nice pinot grigio.

I'd definitely recommend trying the French Herb blend. Seeds of Change does have other flavors listed on their site (the amantani whole grain blend quinoa and wild rice looks especially yummy), but as yet they haven't been picked up by our local grocery stores and I'm hesitant to purchase it in bulk online before trying it. (If anyone from Hannaford is reading this, please consider it a heartfelt request to start stocking it!)

And of course, the ultimate test - Phoebe the puggle tried a little and liked it. Three paws out of four!

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