Monday, August 18, 2008

Gluten Free in Saratoga - KD's Fish Fry

Last week Vince and I went to Saratoga to see the Maroon 5 concert at SPAC. Since it was a Tuesday and we had to rush up there for the show, we needed a quick, convenient, gluten free dinner which is why we chose KD's Fish Fry. It's on Geyser Road (very convenient to SPAC), and they offer a huge gluten free menu.

Vince and I have been to KD's Fish Fry twice, and it doesn't disappoint. We both ordered gluten free so we could steal from each other's plates - we started with their mushroom appetizer. Vince had a fish fry with onion rings while I ordered the fried shrimp with french fries. It was incredible - you can tell the breading is gluten free because it's not the same color as "regular" fried foods, but it's just as tasty! Our entire meal came to about twenty dollars as well, including drinks, and the portions were large enough so that neither of us could finish our dinner. You can't go wrong there!

What really sweetens the deal about KD's Fish Fry though is their home baked desserts. They sell gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies ($2.50 for one dozen). They're amazingly light, chewy and tasty - we like them better than the Freihoffer cookies we used to buy at the store, and it's hard to believe they're gluten free! They also carry other cookies such as chocolate chip, which unfortunately we haven't tried as Vince can't eat chocolate either. But I'm sure they're amazing!

The best part about our latest trip - they just installed a new freezer in the front of their store where they plan to start selling gluten free snacks, cookies, and pre-made meals right out of the store. The man who helped us gave us a sample of a baked cheese snack called Just the Cheese which is gluten free and very tasty. It's definitely on our list to pick up the next time we're in the Saratoga area.

If you haven't yet visited KD's Fish Fry, you're missing out. It's good whether you're gluten free or not, and I love the fact that we're supporting a local business that's so proactive about supplying decent, gluten-free options to our area.


dmarie said...

Hey Kat, I am Dawn, the kitchen witch responsible for all the wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, egg free offerings at KD's. Thanks for the great review. Just found out about your blog, I have been very busy working on filling up the cooler and freezer with safe yumminess. I am getting very close to launching DAFFI- Dawn's Allery Free Foods, I is hungry! Hope to meet you on one of your trips up north. Take care.

Kat said...

Dawn thanks for the comment! We're huge fans of your restaurant - and I can't wait to hear more about DAFFI! Please keep up the great work! :)

dmarie said...

Hi Kat, Dawn here, just a couple of quick notes of interest. I am the food host for St. Peters Celiac Support group tomorrow night just in case you are a member. Next Thurs. nite we are hosting a Grand Opening launch for Daffi and to see if there is enough interest in starting a Celiac/ Food Allergy Support Group in our neck of the woods. Finally we put you on our site as a link: Have a great nite

Kat said...

Dawn - thanks so much for the link and information!

Sue said...

An update to Dawn and your discussion: The next meeting of the Saratoga County Food Allergy/Sensitivity Support Group is Monday, December 15, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at KD's Fish Fry, 418 Geyser Road, Ballston Spa (Country Club Plaza). There is no charge to attend. I am the leader of this support group and can be reached at 884-8003 or