Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Albany Gluten Free Resources - Part 1

After writing my last post, a review of Outback Steakhouse's gluten free menu and their new addition of gluten free bread served before the meal, I realized that what would have been really helpful to my husband and I when we started researching gluten free foods and restaurants was a listing of resources in the Capital District for gluten-free foods. Now we're still relatively new to the whole gluten free lifestyle (it's hard to believe it's already been six months!) so I'm sure we don't know everything that's out there. Also, there are several bloggers who cover the Saratoga area quite nicely (Nunzio's and K.D.'s Fish Fry are totally on my list of places to try this summer). I'm going to focus closer to where we live in Albany.

So here goes, in alphabetical order:


Grocery Stores
I'll post more if I think of them later - and if I've missed something please feel free to post a comment!


Anonymous said...

you forgot nunzios (sp?) in toga... the gf pizza dude... come ON!

Kat said...

Clifton Park is one thing, but Saratoga is way too far for us Albany people to go to on a regular basis. I'll save Nunzio's and KD's Fish Fry for a 'Toga post later on. :)