Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uno's Gluten Free Pizza

This past weekend, I threw caloric caution to the wind and enjoyed a date night with my husband at Uno's. We had heard they started carrying gluten free pizzas and were anxious to try them.

We arrived at the Latham Farms Uno's around 7 PM. The parking lot was completely packed, and we joked that the entire gluten free population of Albany must be trying those pizzas - but fortunately we didn't have to wait to be seated. As soon as our server saw the gluten free menu at our table, she mentioned their new gluten free pizzas, available in cheese and pepperoni. She also told us that, generally speaking, their gluten free pizzas were meant for one person, though two people could probably share one if they ordered salad as well.

We ordered one of each pizza so we could share. When the pizzas came out we were incredibly impressed - not only did they look and smell absolutely amazing, but our server took the time to let us know about their efforts to avoid cross-contamination, including completely wiping down the area before preparing the pizza. The pizzas were about the size of a huge dinner plate.

The pizza itself was delicious - the crust was flaky and crispy at the same time. My husband is gluten free but I can eat "regular" pizza and this impressed me as being "just as good" as traditional wheat-crust pizza if not better. I was partial to the pepperoni while my husband's favorite was the cheese (he can take or leave pepperoni as a topping). Still, neither pizza lasted long - I ate the equivelent of half a pizza myself and my husband finished the rest so we didn't have any leftovers. We both left the restaurant completely stuffed and satisfied.

He was tempted to order another pizza "to go" just to have on hand for lunches over the weekend - perhaps Uno's can market a line of gluten free frozen pizzas for the grocery store in the future, though admittedly they're probably best experienced in a restaurant.

What made the evening even sweeter was the fact that our meal didn't break the bank. The pizzas were between 10 and 12 dollars each, and our total bill, alcoholic beverages and 20% tip included, was under $50. We've definitely added Uno's to our regular rotation!

One thing that I would like to note - we all know that pizza is not exactly diet food, and these aren't necessarily worse than their other "regular" flatbread pizzas, but these bad boys pack a caloric punch: an entire pizza is between 870 (cheese) and 1,020 (pepperoni) calories. I really hope they add more options in the future - it would be great to be able to order a mushroom or a veggie pizza!

Overall though -- YUM! If you haven't tried their gluten free pizza yet, you definitely should!

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Thanks so much for the review! I'm hoping to get to Uno's this weekend. I can't wait!!!


Vin | said...

Hi Kat,

As someone who doesn't do well with gluten but loves pizza, I think it's great that more places are offering gluten free options. I just recently found out about Uno's gluten free pizza and tried it for the first time last week ... also at Latham Farms! Overall, I was impressed! Here's my in depth review of it.

Kat said...

Vin, thanks for the nutritional information in your review/article!

Adam said...

unos now does now have a veggie gluten free pizza, it has mushroom onions and peppers, they could always do it with only mushrooms