Friday, January 30, 2009

Gazette Reviews KD's Fish Fry

The Gazette recently published a review on the gluten-and-allergen-free menu offerings at Saratoga's own KD's Fish Fry. It's great to hear a gluten-free review - especially, a positive review from someone who doesn't normally eat gluten free!

Additionally per the article, Dawn at KD's has been experimenting with gluten-free biscuits to serve along with her gluten-free fish fry. Dawn's menu is constantly evolving, but can be found on KD's website.

Due to the absolutely lovely weather patterns that we've been experiencing in the Capital District this season my husband and I haven't had the chance to go up there as much as we'd like - but we definitely can't wait to try Dawn's new biscuits!

KD's is a great place to keep in mind - it's especially convenient if you are going to SPAC.

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