Monday, March 7, 2011

Belated Menu Plan 3/4 - 3/11

I've gotten a bit behind on my blogging - between schoolwork, work work and other stuff going on in my life I haven't had much time to cook let alone write about it. :) We had a busy-but-fun weekend, and believe it or not I did plan out my meals for the week.

OK. So here goes.

We had two of our good friends over for dinner. These friends prefer to eat vegetarian/low on the food chain and brought a delicious tortilla espanola as an appetizer, so I made the following:
  • This Indian Relish appetizer, mixed with cream cheese and served with rice crackers. OMG was it crazy-addictive-good. It was even better the next day. I am in LOVE.
  • Cajun stuffed peppers. I split them up half an half - some had chicken andouille sausage and others had portabella mushrooms. All had hot sauce, rice and monterey jack cheese.
  • Green salad.
  • Dessert: Fresh fruit with a Cool Whip-and-yogurt dipping sauce.
Leftover stuffed peppers for dinner, and leftover fruit dip for dessert.

I made ribs, slow cooked in the oven with Dinosaur BBQ sauce (yummy!) and served with baked potato and creamed corn.

This mini frittata recipe (though I plan to add green pepper as well), served with hash browns and green salad.

Chicken tenders baked with Bisquick, frozen veggies (probably green beans) and a starch TBD. Either a baked potato or some type of rice.

Pulling some chili out of the freezer for dinner, with green salad for dinner. Since I don't have to commute that day, if I feel ambitious I'll make some crusty Italian bread to go along with it.

Leftovers night.

Leftovers or takeout, depending on what we have/are in the mood for.


Sarah said...

Do you have recipes for the stuffed peppers and the ribs?

Kat said...

Stuffed Peppers are from the America's Test Kitchen cookbook and are highly recommended (I think it would be a copyright violation to post it in its entirety, but it's worth looking up).

Ribs - just buy ribs and dump BBQ sauce on them, cook at 250 for three or four hours!