Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Circus Cafe in Saratoga

Last night, I won tickets to the ballet at SPAC. It was a really nice event with the "Girls Night Out" promotion (wine and chocolate tastings, mani/pedis, etc.) and I invited my mother, mother-in-law, and a family friend to the event with me. My mother-in-law has the same gluten free restriction as my husband, so we picked the Circus Cafe to eat.

Now, I'd heard good things about the Circus Cafe, but the last time we checked their gluten free menu it was lacking. The standard "burger with no bun" type deal, and a lot of salads. However, they've updated their gluten free menu since then and I was happy to check out a new place .

Their menus are displayed on their website, and have been updated to include multigrain gluten free hamburger buns and gluten free penne pasta. Well, none of us (gluten free or not) could resist their burgers, which their menu stated were "award winning" and "voted best in Saratoga." They come with several options - different cheeses, onions, guacamole, etc. YUM! For sides, they have (cross-contaminated) fries and sweet potato fries, but gluten free and health-conscious diners can order a side salad in lieu of fries. The salad is GOOD too - real lettuces, not the iceburg junk that some restaurants peddle.

We were not disappointed with the burgers at all - they were wonderful! Juicy, flavorful, and big. None of us left hungry.

I've definitely added Circus Cafe to the list of places to visit when my husband and I go to Saratoga.

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