Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gluten free sausage!

When my hubby and I started de-glutening our household, one of the first casualties was sausage - breakfast sausage, Italian sausage, you name it. I'd read online that sausage often contains gluten, and called local supermarkets inquiring about gluten free meats only to talk to clueless deli workers who couldn't answer my questions or just said in a blanket statement "all of our sausages contain gluten." Helpful, thanks buddies.

We'd tried Applegate Farm's apple/chicken sausage, but... yuck. We couldn't even bring ourselves to give those leftovers to the puggle. We figured that sausage was off-limits for a while, but at least my skinny jeans were thankful!

Well, fast forward to a couple of weekends ago, I spent a lazy weekend morning surrounded by the weekly newspaper advertisements and a laptop trying to figure out what dinners I wanted to make that week. We were stuck in a little bit of a food rut, and I saw that Italian sausage was on sale. Mmm, sausage and peppers, spaghetti with Italian sausage... it had been a while, and those were some of Vince's favorites!

Well, it turns out that Premio makes gluten free Italian sausage! Their website didn't specify this, but I went on some forums and found references to the fact that their sausages were gluten free. I made a mental note to call their company, but when I went grocery shopping that day I saw the words "gluten free" right on the package. Yay! I picked up two packs of sausages - a hot Italian sausage that I used to make sausage-and-pepper sandwiches (using freshly baked brown-rice flour bread using this recipe), and stuck some in the freezer for use with pasta (incidentally, last night's dinner).

But - that's not all! Boldened by my good luck and Google, I even found breakfast sausages that are gluten free as well - Johnsonville breakfast sausages (all varieties except brown sugar and and honey). The best part - their website specifies wheat/gluten free, making it that much easier to plan our grocery lists! So, we made a nice Sunday breakfast this weekend of eggs over-easy, breakfast sausage, and hash browns.

Okay, I'll admit - we probably overdid it and might be sick of sausage for a month or so. But it's so wonderful to have more options to vary our meals!

Does anyone else know of mainstream sausage brands that are gluten free?


Anonymous said...

If I understand their website correctly, they're saying that sausages that contain monosodium glutamate are GF. This would be wrong since glutamate is a form of gluten.

Kat said...

Thanks for the comment. That's a common misconception - 5 minutes on Google verified that, while monosodium glutamate is not good for you, it is not and does not contain gluten. It's a common mistake though - I think it's due to the name, similar to how some people confuse whey with wheat. :)