Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gluten Free at Bomber's

October 4th (yes, yes, I know I'm behind on my posting) was my girl Sammy's birthday. We wanted to go out to celebrate, so first we hit up Koto for a nice (gluten free) sushi dinner, and later on headed to Bomber's for the oblivatory obligatory birthday fishbowl margarita.

Now, I like to occasionally go out - especially to a place like Jillian's where there might be dancing - but my husband has never been a big fan of bars. I can usually drag him out about twice a year. He's been pretty good about replacing his Bud with a Captain and Coke, but his torture is intensified when he sees all sorts of horrible-for-you bar food that he can't eat.

Well, I figured that it never hurts to ask, so while we were at Bomber's waiting for our drinks and Sam's free margarita, I asked about allergen-friendly foods. Well, the bouncer and host were extremely helpful, and the host went over the menu with me. I didn't expect that Vince could eat the tacos and burritos, and he can't, but there are filling platters that are safe, and the wings are safe.

Wings, you might ask? Yes, wings - they have a dedicated fryer for their meat (wings) and it is not cooked in the same oil as their other fried foods. Gluten free wings, yay! And good wings, at that!

Something tells me that we'll be seeing a lot more of Bomber's. :)

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