Sunday, February 8, 2009

Review: Kinnikinnick Frozen Pizza Crusts

Last Sunday my husband and I spent Superbowl Sunday - at least before the game - in the kitchen. We'd picked up Kinnikinnick frozen pizza shells a couple months beforehand, and decided that Superbowl Sunday was the best time to try them out - along with wings and nachos. The package came with four 7 inch pizza shells. This was a good thing because we burned the first shells we tried cooking! (I blame a combination of no cooking directions on the package, and distracting SuperBowl ads).

The shells looked amazing - the crusts browned quite nicely in the toaster oven and they looked just like personal pizzas. We tried the pizzas, and....

Well, in a few words: the shells were just not good. Now, we're fans of New York-style crusts which admittedly is about a quarter of the thickness of these shells. But these were definitely not pizza shells - the crust was incredibly dry and just didn't taste good. it was the equivalent of eating pizza toppings on dry pita bread.

I ended up eating the olives off of my pizza and leaving the rest of it. My husband ate his pizza, but asked me not to buy these shells in the future.

Oh well - we'll still use other Kinnikinnick products in the future - their rolls have been palatable in the past - but for pizza, I think we've learned the lesson to stick with either making the dough from scratch or buying pizza in a restaurant like Uno's or Nunzio's.


Lisa said...

Hi Kat,

I bought these pizza shells too. I've eaten two and the other two are sitting in the freezer. I was dissapointed with the taste and the texture of these shells as well. I've been trying to think of what to do with the other two shells, since I really don't like to waste things. Especially with the cost of food these days! I think I'll stick to Uno's as well!


Kat said...

Lisa - thanks for the comment!

Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I'd suggest one of two things for the pizza shells:
1. They really reminded me of pita bread... Section them up, brush with some garlic butter, toast and serve with hummus (one of my favorite guilty pleasures!)
2. Bread crumbs???

Good luck cleaning out the freezer! :)

Anonymous said...

I use these Kinnkinnick crusts and acutally brown them in a pan first. If you put a little butter on the bottom side and then a little corn meal, they fry a little crisp--gives them a little better flavor than if they're just baked. After this step, I put toppings on the crust and bake as usual.

Kat said...

Hmmm - thanks for the tip!